Mundo Melting Bag

Mundo Co., Ltd., was founded in 2002. Our factory produces various types of plastic to meet the needs of both domestic and overseas customers, including industrial products. We specialize in producing EV bags and have extensive experience in supplying low melting point plastic bags and films for rubber product manufacturing. Our commitment to quality has earned us the trust of many global brands, and we take pride in contributing to the development of the rubber industry in Thailand.

Our flagship product is a plastic bag designed for niche markets. This innovative bag offers several benefits, including improving the quality of mixing, reducing the loss of rubber chemicals, and enhancing the overall environment within rubber factories.







Mundo Melting Bag is an elastomeric bag designed for perfect rubber compound mixing. It combines quality and environmental considerations seamlessly, offering several advantages. Notably, it efficiently eliminates fumes or dusty chemicals and reduces mixing time. The bag is specifically engineered to melt precisely in general rubber mixing machines due to its structure. Constructed from low molecular weight modified thermoplastic elastomer, it features a low melting point and non-staining materials. Produced through a blow film process, Mundo Melting Bag is lighter in weight and exhibits enhanced mechanical strength due to biaxial orientation.


Searching for reliable rubber compound packaging? Mundo Melting Bag is your top choice for quality and efficiency.

• Minimize the loss of rubber chemical additives across all mixing processes.
• Eliminate fumes and dust from fillers or additives during the rubber charging process.
• Ensure precision in chemical charging according to the designed formula.
• Maintain cleanliness in rubber mixing machines and their surroundings.
• Improve production planning and quality control for rubber compounding.