BOPP Anti-Fog Bag

Thai people are becoming more conscious about health. It makes us realize the importance of preserving vegetables to stay fresh for a longer time. BOPP bags are known for their exceptional strength and tear resistance. In addition, it is suitable for containing vegetables because its transparency makes them stand out.

Mundo’s new products. We have 3 different sizes of BOPP plastic bags for packing morning glory to meet customer requirements. Besides, we offer a low MOQ of 100 pieces with free design and barcode printed on the bags in order to help our users reduce cost.







1. Product Specifications

























Anti-fog BOPP film is a type of plastic film that has been treated to prevent fog and moisture inside a bag. Besides, there are small holes to let air escape quickly from a bag to prevent the formation of condensation on its surface.


We can design the perforation style of BOPP bags: perforated, punching, and perforated + punching. It can extend the shelf life of vegetables and fruits. Besides, we can make “Sealing Tape” for the top or the bottom of the bag according to customer requirements.

Mundo can design and produce BOPP plastic bags printed with patterns or brand names according to customer requirement (OEM) to promote the image of the product to be outstanding and look more valuable.






1. Product Specifications