BOPP Anti-Fog Bag

As Thai people become increasing health-conscious, we recognize the importance of preserving vegetables to maintain freshness for extended periods. BOPP bags are renowned for their exceptional strength and tear resistance, making them ideal for storing vegetables. Moreover, their transparent enhances the visibility of the contents, making them stand out.

Introducing Mundo’s new products: We offer three different sizes of BOPP plastic bags specifically designed for packing morning glory to meet customers diverse requirements. Additionally, we provide a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 100 pieces, inclusive of free design services and barcode printing on the bags, aimed at helping our users reduce costs.















1. Product Specifications

























Anti-fog BOPP film is a type of plastic film treated to prevent fogging and moisture accumulation inside a bag. Additionally, it features small holes that allow air to escape rapidly, preventing condensation from forming on the bag’s surface.










We offer customize perforation styles for BOPP bags, including perforated, punching, and perforated punching options. These features help extend the shelf life of vegetables and fruits. Additionally, we can provide ‘Sealing Tape’ for the top or bottom of the bag, tailored to customer requirements.















Mundo offers customized design and production of BOPP plastic bags, printed with patterns or brand names according to customer requirements (OEM), enhancing the product’s image and perceived value.






1. Product Specifications