Mundo Co., Ltd.

BOPP Anti-fogging Vegetable Bag

Using a film which preventing the dew condensation in the inner of the bag. Due to suppress the dew condensation, It can reduce a breeding of pathogenic and bacterias. Freshness retention effect: 1. Excellent moisture proof and water resistance. 2. The inner bag is hardly fogging. 3. High gloss and high transparency. 4. Excellenct tensile

Fruit Foam Sleeves net

Foam net is a cushioning material for an engagement delivering of a fruit. Polyethylene foam net is to protect a gently skin of a fruit. We have many sizes for a  select the optimal mesh corresponding to a fruit. It is a beautiful visual after packing and an ideal packaging for image-up of your shop

Fruit Net Bags

Fruit Net Bags is made of the polyethylene resin. with its Elasticity property Since the net has breathability and strechabllity, it can fit a fruit and a vegetables well. Fruit Net Bags can be widely used for Grocery, Toy, and so on.

Bath Ball

(Bath Ball)  Mundo Bath Ball is made by fine mesh net. it  makes small and soft texture bubble for a body and  face washing.  

Kitchen Sink Drain Filter

Mizukiri net application is a filter net, which set it in the sink drain container in the kitchen to catch small food wast not to drain into the pipe. We have Polyethylene net type and Non woven fabric type.  

Product Netting Sleeves, Mesh Sleeves

Mundo Protective Netting Sleeves made by polyethylene. It use for protect the industrial parts from the impact during packing and transportation. It can fit the parts shape due to it elastic and flexible Properties.

Gas Cylinder Sleeves

Mundo Gas cylinder Sleeve is a protective net. It can prevent a gas cylinder from damage from a impact during transportation.

Vegetable Net Bags

Flat net is easy to pack in to small portions and good display. A vegetable which has high respiration is damaged by ethylene gas exhausted by itself. Using Flat net can prevent such a problem.