Company Profile

Mundo Co., Ltd. was founded in July 5, 2002 by Mr. Takashi Fukuda (President) along with Ms. Marin Charoanthanyakorn (General Manager: Corporate Managament), Ms. Paganun Teerawanit (General Manager) and Mr. Pongpitak Phumphong (Factory Manager).

We specialize in producing packaging products and other goods for example.
1. Packaging for fruit and vegetable.
2. Packaging for food.
3. Packaging for industry and household items.
Other product related to beauty and health such as baht ball and soap mesh net.

Almost 20 years, we are focus and intend to develop the packaging by update our machine and technology all the time. Also in our factory, we have a team of engineers who are experts in production for produce the best product and up to standard. We also experts for develop the packaging and other goods to meet and satisfy the customer need. As we mention above, we have
a researcher to develop and research every kind of packaging goods for create the new thing and innovation of packaging goods also OEM product we can provide you every kind of special packaging because our goal is One-Stop Service in Packaging Business for both domestic and global markets.

In 2014, we established Mundo Asia Philippines Industry Inc., located in Mexico, Pampanga, Philippines, to further expand our operations and presence in the region.

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