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BOPP Anti-fogging Vegetable Bag

Using a film which preventing the dew condensation in the inner of the bag. Due to suppress the dew condensation, It can reduce a breeding of pathogenic and bacterias.

Freshness retention effect:
1. Excellent moisture proof and water resistance.
2. The inner bag is hardly fogging.
3. High gloss and high transparency.
4. Excellenct tensile strength and tearing strength.
5. Good coloring after a printing.

Porous film bag
It is nearly equal to Flat net’s breathability realized by punching holes on the film. Because of preventing an occurrence of the dew condensation and the mold in the bag, it is recommended packaging material for a fruit and a vegetable which has a high respiration. The breathability is adjustable by the number of the punching holes. A micro perforated holes film and bag are also available.